when we started the idea of studio khroma one of the first things we insisted was that we would be an organic hair salon + boutique spa.

we care deeply about alot of things. we care about our clients, our employees, our las vegas community and our environment.

we not only care about what products we use on our clients’ hair, but also the impact our salon has on the environment.

we make every effort to reduce our carbon footprint by being concious of how we reduce and recycle our waste, restricting our water consumption and using energy efficiently.

studio khroma has been a green circle certified salon from the day we first opened and we always will be.

things we do to be green

we recycle everything we can
we collect, recycle & repurpose hair, foils, color tubes, papers, plastics, glass, spa waste and divert excess hair chemicals from being rinsed down the drain.
we are energy efficient
we use energy efficient lighting throughout our salon.
we use environmentally friendly cleaning supplies
we use enviromentally friendly cleaning products to clean our salon.
our flooring is sustainable
we chose to install flooring made from recycled materials.
we are conscious of our water consumption
we monitor our water usage monthly. we are conscious not to use excessive or unneccesary amounts of water.
client recycle discount
bring in your old hair dryer, flattening irons, curling irons, hair electronics or plastic hair product containers that you would have thrown in the garbage and we will give you 20% off your next purchase of any of the organic products that we carry or hair tools.

the brands that we use share the same organic vision

when choosing the brands to work with and use, we first asked if they shared the same organic values. studio khroma is proud to use & carry kevin.murphy, eminence organics and eleven australia, 3 brands that are focused on products that are not only healthy for our clients but are enviromentally friendly.




we offer a full menu of hair services from our expert colorist, stylist and hair technicians.
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